Boyfriend talk in Byron

It was 2am Sunday morning in Byron and I sat with R by the plunge pool. We both had our feet in the water, a box of pizza sat between us and and were talking about all types of different shit, the type of chat you can only have when you have consumed copious amounts of alcohol after a big night out. At that moment we were talking about J’s new boyfriend, P.


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Byron, the first few days

Byron is exactly what I needed.

It’s 10.30pm on a Sunday night and I’m sat on the deck of a beautiful beach house. I can hear the waves rolling against the sand just beyond the trees and nothing else. I was locking up the house at the end of day three in Byron with the intention of going to bed, but when I walked out onto the decking I took a deep breath of fresh sea air and felt an overwhelming desire to keep this little dream going a bit longer, so I sat down to write.


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Gonorrhea, drugging your boyfriend and cruising

Let’s leave talk of gonorrhea till later. It’s far too early in the morning.

Sydney, that’s my first stop on this Christmas adventure, and that’s pretty much all I know. Work in Hong Kong has been pretty crazy in the run up to holidays. Everyone wants desperately to have a Christmas where they don’t read work emails or take a work call. Because of this the office is a frantic flurry of activity, stress, deadlines and meetings. I actually found myself in a meeting about how many meetings we are having. Seriously.

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