Career Destruction

Two post-graduate degrees and ten years of hard work means that I am at the top of my very specific occupation. I can’t get promoted any higher than I already am, I have full autonomy over my work, my team and my time. To make things even better I get paid just enough to not have to worry about money too much. Not a bad place to be at 31.

So handing in my notice at work was met with shock and surprise from friends and colleagues alike. Ten stressful years full of accomplishments, mistakes and learning from those mistakes means that my decision seems to be career suicide. “It’s like you’re pulling the rug from under your own feet”, remarked my friend over a drink last week.


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Boyfriend talk in Byron

It was 2am Sunday morning in Byron and I sat with R by the plunge pool. We both had our feet in the water, a box of pizza sat between us and and were talking about all types of different shit, the type of chat you can only have when you have consumed copious amounts of alcohol after a big night out. At that moment we were talking about J’s new boyfriend, P.


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When I stood on the edge of the old red dock at 6.35am I would always hesitate. Standing there shivering I would wonder why I left the warmth of my cabin and the luxury of an extra hour of sleep to put myself in such a stupid situation. The cold dark water of the lake contained snapping turtles, sharp toothed fish culled Musky and weeds that seemed to grasp at your feet.

The trick was to stand on the edge of the dock, with my toes round its peeling edge, and to gently lean in till my center of balance was just over the point of no return. At that moment it was too late, nothing to be done, ice cold water was hurtling towards me and all I could do was brace for the shock. Watch out turtles, here I come.
Life changes can also be a shock, but without them there can be no forward motion, no benefit, no reaching targets, no satisfying journey across the lake or good stories to tell at my wake. So I made an important decision last week, the decision was that I need to overbalance my center of gravity once again and leave the comfort of Hong Kong to set new challenges and adventures. It’s time for a change, and this blog is going to document the journey.