I woke up just after 5am, got reluctantly out of bed and walked to the bathroom. On my return journey to the warmth of my mattress something made me pause and pull back the curtains of my little beachside hut. There, across the water, was the beginning of the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen.

All thought of sleep instantly vanished. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my camera and headed out of the door. Only to realise as it closed that I had locked myself out. I slipped on my flip flops, headed across the brown sandy wood decking towards the beach, tripped, fell and scraped my knee. I think I was still half asleep.

I dusted myself off and headed towards the water. The sky was an incredible mix of red, purple and orange, seeming to change every second. Silhouetted against the dawn were dozens of small fishing boats, zipping across the horizon on their way to hunt for their morning catch. 

I took hundreds of photos, at one point holding the camera as low as I dared to the water to see if it could pick up the fishmerman a little better. It was at that point a freak wave appeared from nowhere and pushed me back and on my arse in the shallows. I saved the camera, but now I was bleeding from my earlier fall, cold, wet and locked out of my room.

The things you do for a photo.