You can tell a lot about a person by their office computer desktop background. Some people never change it, these people are either technologically incompetent or too awesome to let their personal lives seep into their austere halogen lit office cubicle. Then there are the people who change their desktop background, but stay within the standard Microsoft menu of escapist idealism. Tired of the Windows logo on a blue screen? Here! Have some green fields or a lake with some mountains. These types enjoy change, but only within set parameters.

My desktop background was the view from the rooftop of the ‘Best Western Plus Lex hotel’ in Cebu City. I had stayed at the hotel a couple of times before during Easter holidays to the Philippines. It was not a particularly great hotel, or a particularly great picture, but I was due to return to the hotel at the start of my year long adventure around the world, so at the end of a mind numbing meeting I would sit at my desk, look at the picture, and smile safe in the knowledge that I would be there soon.

Nikki and I arrived in Cebu City and headed to the hotel, checked in and then went straight to the rooftop. I swam for a while and then sat at a table overlooking Cebu City whilst drinking a cold San Miguel beer. The street below was teeming with motorcycles and the sounds of honking horns drifted up to the roof, in the middle distance were high rise buildings that were being built two years ago when I had last visited and now remained unfinished and derelict, and in the far distance you could just make out the sea, with ships zipping across the water. I could feel the tension of work drifting away as I looked out at my real life desktop background, or perhaps that was the beer.