“Do you have a ticket showing your outward journey from the Philippines”? The lady at check in looked up at us expectantly. 

“No..” came my reply, “but we are traveling round the Philippines for a few weeks backpacking and have plenty of internal flights”.

The check in lady looked at me like I was drunk, which was not true, I was merely a bit hungover. My friend next to me was totally drunk, you could smell alchohol seeping from her skin and she was surprisingly jovial at the news we couldn’t board the plane. 

“You can’t enter the Philippines unless you can show your intent to exit the Philippines, you have thirty minutes to purchase a new flight out of the country otherwise you you can’t fly”. And with that the lady at check in turned her attention  to the next customer in line. 

Which is how, hungover and drunk, we found ourselves purchasing a flight from Manila to Shanghai on Monday 9 January 2017 on an iPhone with 2% battery.

My last weekend in Hong Kong was spent in a hotel on Lockhart Road in Wan Chai. The hotel was on the intersection between Typhoon Bar and Carnegies and seemed an appropriate place to end my time in Hong Kong. Rewind ten years and my first night out started on Lockhart road and ended with me dancing on the bar in Carnegies. It was where I once kissed George on Halloween dressed as a pirate and it’s where I once vomited into a nearby posh hotel fountain after an absolute vodka promo party where Russian models insisted on pouring shots of vodka down my throat. 

All good and bad stories often seemed to connect to Lockhart road, so as I gathered my bags and stood outside waiting for a taxi on the morning of Sunday 18th December I was happy and ready to go. It was time to close the chapter of Hong Kong, a decision both good and bad.