Archive: Apr 2016

Three days in Chiang Mai

“What’s that?” my friend asked, pointing at a bubbling pot full of black soft lumps of unidentifiable food.

We were at the Elephant Gate night food market in Chiang Mai with Coco, our tour guide for the evening. Coco paused and considered my friends question, not knowing that his answer was going to land me in some serious shit.

“Umm it is sausage”.

“What type of sausage?” my friend asked, looking at me with growing contempt.

Buddhist monk

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What to do with four days in Bangkok?

I stepped out of the taxi and into a wall of humidity, noise and car exhaust. The glass of the hotel was opaque with condensation. A door opened and the bellboy hurried out to help us with our bags. The lobby of the hotel was everything Bangkok wasn’t. It was clean, calm and cold, with floor to ceiling white marble and a waitress standing by to take our drink orders as we began the process of checking in. As I sipped on my mojito I realised that this was without doubt the last expensive holiday I would take for a long time.

Keeping watch in Wat Pho

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