Two post-graduate degrees and ten years of hard work means that I am at the top of my very specific occupation. I can’t get promoted any higher than I already am, I have full autonomy over my work, my team and my time. To make things even better I get paid just enough to not have to worry about money too much. Not a bad place to be at 31.

So handing in my notice at work was met with shock and surprise from friends and colleagues alike. Ten stressful years full of accomplishments, mistakes and learning from those mistakes means that my decision seems to be career suicide. “It’s like you’re pulling the rug from under your own feet”, remarked my friend over a drink last week.


Work has offered me a sabbatical. To go travel, write a book, take up flamenco dancing for all they care, as long as I promise to return.

It’s tempting, but a small voice inside my head is telling me that I need to leave because I feel too comfortable and complacent. And I don’t know for sure but I think that feeling of accomplishment and complacency is the worst place to be at 31. It’s how the hotel industry got overtaken by AirBnB, or how the taxi industry got taken over by Uber. A voice is telling me the same applies to my career, I need to deliberately destroy my complacency because it’s the only way forward.